Melbourne problematic transport system

More people turn to using car, parking is another problem people encounter.

People in Melbourne are concerned with  the issue of the Victorian public transport system as it is getting more problematic.

Public Transport Users’ Association (PTUA) president Daniel Bowen said even though trains, buses and trams are well-used, overcrowding is unavoidable. “They are very well-used. Now we are seeing overcrowding on all those routes”, he said.

“We got the biggest systems compared to many other countries but we have nothing”, said the Monash University Public Transport Chair, Professor Graham Currie.

As the system is problematic, people now turn to cars that cause another problem for major destination parking areas.

Bowen said destination such as Chadstone Shopping Centre is one of the most popular shopping centre especially on the weekend, however, the bus services are inadequate.

Another car park is the Monash University Clayton Campus. “Monash Clayton is an obvious one where the buses are packed, the car parks are packed”, Bowen said.

The Victorian government has implemented billions of dollars on putting on more trains and trams. This might be helpful, but it seems that this would only solve the problem for several years as the population continue to grow.

” It won’t actually solve it. Yes we will be back to the same position”, Prof Currie said.

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