No water: the biggest future threat for Melbournians

Victorians are facing a great deal of water scarcity as they may have no fresh and clean water in the future

Melbourne’s population is growing very fast and water consumption is even higher.

Long drought has lead to very low water storage in some major rivers.

“If you don’t have a healthy river, you can’t have a secure water supply for consumers,” said Kelly O’Shanassy, the Environment Victoria CEO. “…our rivers in a lot of trouble,” she said.

The state government has spent billions of dollars on improving a sustainable water system by building up the desalination plant.

However, the plant will use more energy and the government seems unclear in handling the structure.

“Because the desalination plant uses a lot of energy,”…it goes to the bluer issue about how transparency of government about how they actually make contracts with this very large business of infrastructure,” said Dr Grace Mitchell, a water use exepert.

“Government in being focused on consumption and not securing water for rivers,” Kelly O’Shanassy said.

In Melbourne, although water supply is still available, the price will skyrocket in the future.

“We will have a doubling of water prices in the next few years,” Dr Mitchell said.

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