Too many migrants: Labour VS Opposition on asylum seeker’s policy

Migrants keep coming to Australia but the government policies remain unclear whether or not to return them to their home countries.

More boat people are on their way to Australia to seek asylum.

Detention centre in Christmas Island is now more overcrowded and the government will need to find alternative accommodation for refugees.

Amanda Vanstone, the former Howard’s Immigration Minister said “come on down by boat is a dangerous message.”

She also said that the government should stop the boat as too many people have lost their lives on their way to Christmas Island.

“Our government is locking up innocent people. The moral situation is just as clear. It is a great injustice,” said Ben Eltham, the Mathilda’ national affair correspondent.

Julia Gillard, the Australian Prime Minister said asylum seekers have their rights to seek asylum in Australia.

“Asylum seekers do not commit any offence by coming here.” “…Every person has the right to seek asylum in any territory they can reach,” Ms Gillard said.

The Prime Minister said boat arrivals can come to Australia but they have to go through some procedures such as identity, health and security checks.

“After that, they should be released into the community on conditions that will ensure that they remain available for processing and if necessary removal,” said Julia Gillard.

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